6 Dof Rally Simulator

6 Dof Ralli Simulator What is Demand ?

6 Dof Ralli Simulator

Arcsim Ralli Simulator

The Hexapod Full Motion Rally Simulator designed to combine comfort and the most realistic feeling of rally racing. It provides a great experience of rally racing with its triple monitor system that designed to maximize the visuality, stainless throttle and brake pedals with realistic feel and feeling of car acceleration and brake, turns, cilimbing hills, dirty roads, tire suspansions and even car hit.

General features :

* Designed to combine comfort and feeling of rally racing

* Attractive and aesthetically unique external design

* Adjustable seat to fit almost any user

* 3 monitor system to maximize the visuality

* Stainless throttle and brake pedals with realistic feel

* Full Motion platform system for realistic G-Force simulation

* Gives the Feeling of the car acceleration & brake, turns, climbing hills, dirty

roads, tires suspensions and even car hit.


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