Full size Formula Replica Car & Static Simulator

Full Size Show Car:

The Full-size Formula Show Car which made of high quality fibreglass material is convertible to Static Car optionally.

You can use our Full Size Show Car in your marketing and advertisement activities in order to attract attention to your products. The Full-Size Formula Show Car has all the original visual sipecifications of an original Formula Car and all driving skills of an original Formula car can be tested by using some relevant simulation programs. You may also use formula replica cars in commercial events, and shows.

General features :

General Specifications;

* Strong and light main body produced from GRP (fibreglass) material as a mono block,

* Seat that is produced from carbon fibre material

* Front and rear wheel joints and suspension equipments that are produced from carbon fibre material,

* Removable rear wing and carbon fibre wing connection,

* Removable front nose,

* Wheels and rims which are made of composite material, give an aesthetic look as the original ones,

* Electronic rear lamp,

* F1 type steering wheel supported with Force Feedback,

* Electronic controlled, adjustable pedal system,

* High quality 5+1  sound system,

* 1 pcs or 3 pcs monitors options, HD / LCD TV


  Technical Specifications;

Dimensions: 190x490x120 cm

Weight: 250 kg

Power Source: 220 V AC


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