Flight & Roller Coaster

Flight & Roller Coaster What is Demand ?

Flight & Roller Coaster

An unforgettable and realistic flight and roller coaster experience!

Our Flight&Roller Coaster Simulator provides a unique experiences to users with its 2 passangers capacity, cockpit vantilation system, pitch&roll-rotational motion system, high quality position controlled motors, high quality 5.1 surround sound system, high quality wide warped projection screen and many more specifications.

General features :

* 2 Passenger Cockpit

* Ergonomic Sparco seats

* Cockpit with ventilation system

* 360 Degree Pitch & Roll – Rotational motion simulation

* Powered with high quality position controlled motors.

* Variety of Interactive Flight & Roller Coaster tracks

* Premium quality 5.1 surround sound system

* High Definition wide warped Projection screen

* HD Cockpit Camera for passenger safety and audience

* 2 Sets of Throttles & Joysticks for the users to be used in flight games

* Emergency Stop button for the passengers.

* Very easy operator interface.

* Passenger counter with ability of sending daily reports by email.

* 3mins 10secs of time slot for Roller Coaster and adjustable game timer for Flight games

* High customer Volume and a total crowd puller.


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  • USht

    İt is one of the most realistic Roller Coaster simulator ! I congratulate you.

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