Sliding Formula Simulator What is Demand ?

Sliding Formula Simulator

Here is our 3 Dof Siliding Formula Simulator.

This 3 Dof Siliding Formula Simulator placed on a sliding platform to give its motion ability, used original parts such as pedals, steering wheels and so on and designed as full-size to provide its users realistic Formula feeling. With its motion platform that works totally interactive with the game, all the actions like turns, brake, hits etc. can be felt.

We have used high quality fibre glass material to produce our product and tested its durability.  All the parts used in the car are high quality and guaranteed for 1 year.

This 3 Dof Siliding Formula Simulator can be optained for quite compatitive prices in proportion to its rivals in the market.

General features :

General Specifications

* Two electrical actuators driven by high quality servo motors 0.75KW/3000 rpm.

* Power: 220 VAC 16A single phase power 2000 Watts.

* Strong construction basis made of steel profiles.

* Motion with sensitive positioning.

* All the nuts and bolts used in the mechanism are made of mildew resistant chrome material.

* Monitors: Three 24’’ LED Full HD monitors.

* Sound: 5+1 surround sound system.

* Wheel : Professional Force Feedback steering wheel System.

* Zero lag (no-delay) between the game itself and motion provided thanks to our special software.

* Supports Two games F1 2014 and rFactor

* Realistic sized F-1 car for pilot training and original cockpit feeling.

* Easy to transport with 4 wheels.

* Operation timer and counter.

* Easy installation less than one hour.

* Can operated by only one person.

* For indoor and outdoor use.

* Able to receive replica full size or half size F1 car.

* Two years guarantee for all the parts.

* All the above mentioned parts are CE Certified.