Formula Half Size Show Car

ARC Halfsize Show Car What is Demand ?


show car

It provides the same original F1 feeling with smaller dimensions.

This simulator is ideal for the events with limited space.

Very easy to handle and transport. Can be moved with rotating wheels underneath.

Fast and easy to assemble for race.

General features :

* Strong and light main body produced from GRP (fibreglass) material as a mono block,

* Seat that is produced from carbon fibre material

* Front and rear wheel joints and suspension equipments that are produced from carbon fibre material,

* Removable rear wing and carbon fibre wing connection,

* Removable front nose,

* Wheels and rims which are made of composite material, give an aesthetic look as the original ones

* Original F1 front tyres can also be supplied upon request.


Technical Specifications;

Width : 180cm

Length : 320cm

Weight; 125Kg