2 Dof Formula Simulator



2 Dof Formula Simulator

This 2 Dof Motion Simulator provides more economic choice in proportion to 6 dof ones. That is to say it’s more advantageous for our customers to minimize their cost of first investment for Formula 1 Simulator. We used high quality parts and fiber glass materials to produce our products which provides high durability to our simulators. And also these Formula 1 Simulators consume less electricity that means our customers will be able to get benefit of long time usage without much of maintenance cost. F1 replica cars are built in original specs and it can be provided alone if requested. We provide F1 Replica Show Car for show and entertainment purposes too. Most of the Formula Replica Cars we produce can be offered with simulator option as well. We are able to produce Formula Simulators & Racing Simulators according to clients request. This 2 DOF f1 Simulator may be converted to Formula VR simulator. For Full Motion Formula & Formula Simulators please check out our other products.

General features :

  • * Full size F1 car simulator
  • * Made of high quality Fiberglass
  • * 3 monitor system to maximize the visuality
  • * Original F1 style steering wheel with programmable buttons
  • * Adjustable Pedals with realistic pressure
  • * Motion system working interactively with the game for realistic G-Force simulation
  • * Gives the Feeling of the car acceleration & brake, turns, tires suspensions.