6 Dof Formula Simulator


6 Dof Simulator

6 Dof Full Motion Formula Simulator

The Hexapod Full Motion Formula Simulator which made of high quality fiberglass material gives a joyous original Formula driving experience with its triple monitor system to maximize the visuality, original programmable Formula style steering wheel, adjustable throttle and brake pedals with realistic feel, motion platform that gives a realistic feel and many other specifications. F1Replica Cars are manufactured within quality standards to meet the requirements of end users. Racing simulators has gained a new perspective after having Full Motion Racing Simulators as well as Formula 1 Simulators built and developed by Arcsim. We aim to provide Full Motion Racing Simulators with our team of engineers by doing more Research & Development and integrating the new technologies into our simulators. 6 DOF Full Motion Simulator supports Rfactor, Codemaster, Asetto Corsa, Project Cars games. F1 Simulators are built to give full interactive driving and racing experience. Formula VR simulators are also provided upon request.

HEXAPOD 6DOF Full Motion Formula Simulator General features

  • * Designed to give the most realistic feeling of racing
  • * Full size F1 car simulator
  • * Made of high quality Fiberglass
  • * 3 monitor system to maximize the visuality
  • * Original F1 style steering wheel with programmable buttons
  • * Adjustable Pedals with realistic pressure
  • * Full Motion platform system for realistic G-Force simulation
  • * Gives the Feeling of the motor vibration, car acceleration & brake, turns, tires suspensions and even car hit.