Flight & Roller Coaster


Flight & Roller Coaster Simulator

Flight & Roller Coaster

Full Motion Flight & Roller Coaster Simulator with 360 degree of reality. An unforgettable and realistic flight and roller coaster experience! Our Flight & Roller Coaster Simulator provides a unique experiences to users with its 2 passengers capacity, cockpit ventilation system, pitch & roll-rotational motion system, high quality position controlled motors, high quality 5.1 surround sound system, high quality wide warped projection screen and many more specifications. Flying and rolling has never been this much fun on this simulator. 360 degree motion system provides a unique experience as you fly by mountains, cities and valleys. Roller Coaster tracks are built to make you feel the highest adrenaline you may ever experience.

General features :

  • * 2 Passenger Cockpit
  • * Ergonomic Sparco seats
  • * Cockpit with ventilation system
  • * 360 Degree Pitch & Roll – Rotational motion simulation
  • * Powered with high quality position controlled motors.
  • * Variety of Interactive Flight & Roller Coaster tracks
  • * Premium quality 5.1 surround sound system
  • * High Definition wide warped Projection screen
  • * HD Cockpit Camera for passenger safety and audience
  • * 2 Sets of Throttles & Joysticks for the users to be used in flight games
  • * Emergency Stop button for the passengers.
  • * Very easy operator interface.
  • * Passenger counter with ability of sending daily reports by email.
  • * 3mins 10secs of time slot for Roller Coaster and adjustable game timer for Flight games
  • * High customer Volume and a total crowd puller.