We can turn our F1 Replica Car into a Formula Pit-stop Car.

  • » Pit stop Challenge aims to provide following points for Teams, Companies, Executives and etc.
  • » Practice the communication skills necessary for successful collaboration and be aware of the importance of productive dialog within the team
  • » Understand the role of leader in an interdependent team matrix
  • » Receive and practice real-time coaching as a means of improving individual and team performance with specific roles and responsibilities
  • » Work to generate collective insight from combined individual efforts
  • » Experience the advantages/challenges of collaboration in an interdependent team with a focus on a collective goal
  • » Helps teams to Gain corporate and team messages
  • » Pit stop challenge is the real collaboration of a team work
  • » Positive results will help create long term business goals and objectives
  • » The activity engages teams in an inspiring, powerful motivation.
  • » Experience the difference between operating in a flat team verses a hierarchical team