Sky Diving


Sky Dive Simulator

Skydive Simülatör
Have you ever wished to jump from 10 thousand feet high and fly like birds ?

You can live this exciting feeling with ArcSim Sky-diving Simulator. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains lakes forestsand the nature puting the Oculus Virtual Reality on.
ArcSim Sky-diving Simulator work with our own ArcSim software and game and gives you the G-force feeling of flying, right turn, left turn and free fall.

General Information

» Two electrical actuators driven by high quality servo motors.
» Power: 220 VAC 16A single phase power 2000 Watts.
» Strong construction basis made of steel profiles.
» Motion with sensitive positioning.
» 2DOF Motion system.
» High capacity and VR compatible PC.
» Oculus Rift V1 VR Headset.
» All the nuts and bolts used in the mechanism are made of mildew resistant chrome material.
» Zero lag (no -delay) between the game itself and motion provided thanks to our special software.
» Adjustable and customizable settings.
» Fan which produces a current of fresh air more or less powerful according to the simulated
flight speed.
» Bed with high quality viscose (artificial leather) sponge.
» First class acrylic paint.
» 2 seat belts.
» Unlimited game license (work with our own ArcSim software).
» 3 different game tracks.
» Operation footprint 3,20x 2,30 meters .
» Easy installation less than 30 minutes.
» Operation timer.
» Can be operated by only one person.
» For indoor and outdoor use.
» One year guarantee for all the parts.